Upscale Desires is a fresh and needed mentoring system that caters to the needs of singles as well as couples in all relationship situations. Upscale Desires is in the business of rebuilding broken individuals in order to create positive and successful interpersonal relationships. Upscale Desires shares its vision across multiple media outlets to include a magazine. Upscale Desires Magazine is a new monthly publication that gives light to the wonderful world of intimacy. It explores sexuality, intimacy and self awareness while bringing forth essential information on how to navigate the mind, body and soul.

How to get over a Broken Heart

Has Broken Heart Left you Lonely?

Mental & Emotionally Damaged?

Are you tired of the cheating?

Tired of getting hurt? 



Author & Intimate Relationships Coach Nikeema Lee has crafted a system that will give you;

  • STRENGTH to move on or hold on
  • COURAGE to love again
  • WISDOM to learn from your mistakes

 The class is limited.

When you sign up to this dynamic program you will receive the following;

Access to our 30 Day system, which includes;

  • SUPPORT  & Access to daily motivation affirmations
  • GUIDANCE on how to Love unconditionally

Become Authentic and join this series on how you can CREATE a better you.

You are already great.  Now reach, evolve and better yourself.


This complete series is valued at over $940

Yours for $350.00

 Here’s What is Included Your Package…

Private 1:1 Coaching (Value: $460)

Heal from Heart Break Home Learning Program (Value: $175)

Guest Ticket for Heal from Heart Break Home Learning Program (Value: $175)

SUPER EASY Moon Magic 28 Manifestation Program (Value: $85)

3 Monthly LIVE Group Coaching Calls (Value: $45)

Plus Free eBook 7 Love Blocks!



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