3 Reasons to Build Your Confidence RIGHT THIS SECOND

by Michael Santonato for Upscale Desires Magazine

You’re going to have to build your confidence, if you want to have an extraordinary relationship. Otherwise you can count on your relationship being totally ordinary, most people. Confidence is super important in many areas of life, but we’ll look at three reasons to build it right now for your relationships.

  1. Confidence is uber attractive – When you’re starting out and you’re beginning to date someone, what’s going to keep them around is your confidence level. No one wants to be with someone who is filled with self doubt, and regret. It isn’t attractive. Especially if you’re using The Organic Method of Dating which you can learn more about over at http://www.therelationshipmaster.com/
  2. In the bedroom – There are two kinds of sex in the bedroom. Making love and the other one that starts with an F. Yes, you know the one I mean. And there is a time and a place for both. Sometimes you’ll do one and sometimes you’ll do the other. But both of them require you to be confident and to be yourself. If you can’t handle yourself here, well, you’re missing out on a major opportunity to experience something amazing about yourself and your partner. Confidence makes sex better.
  3. Meeting and being with your partner’s family – I saved the best reason to build your confidence for last. You’re always a little anxious and stressed at the first and future family meetings, aren’t you? You know it’s important to your partner. And a big part of that is how you talk to their family. How you come across, and how you convey your overall awesomeness to them. Why? Because they want their parents to see what they see in you. Because you know they’re going to be nervous about it. So be your best self and let your confidence show! If all goes well, you and your partner (and their parents) will breathe a deep sigh of relief. And who knows, you might get a little extra love from your partner for taking the weight off and shining as the bright shiny confident star that you are.


Michael S.About the Author: Michael Santonato is the founder of The Organic Method of Dating. The Organic Method is a fun way for singles to learn how to meet each other easily and effortlessly while they’re living their life, and going about their day. It’s an alternative to Online Dating which doesn’t work for millions of singles, and leads to horror stories and bad experiences in dating. Michael is the co-author of the International Amazon Best Seller “Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life” and “Single & Stuck: Three Massive Mistakes Women Make in Their 30’s”. Michael is an often called upon Host, Emcee, and Speaker for Dating Events and Relationship Debate Panels in the city of Toronto. To learn more about The Organic Method of Dating visit http://www.therelationshipmaster.com/

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