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When relationships become routine and you become comfortable with your partner, many people believe that your relationship is now set and no further action is required in order to maintain a happy union. Unfortunately, in order to have a long healthy, well balance sexual relationship, one must continuously contribute. Whether it’s through developing mature communication or finding new ways to do old tricks, you have to put in the work. Growing up sexually will require you to define what intimacy is and how it relates to you. Finally once you truly understand yourself and your partner you can explore the realms of what spiritual sex has to offer.

I’m Nikeema T. Lee M.S. an Author, Intimate Relationships Coach,  Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner& former WGIV 103.3 FM Morning Show Host in Charlotte, NC. My energy on coaching people on how to LOVE themselves is a beacon of insight on self-love and reconnection. Aiding many to self-discovery of the internal hurdles that prevent them from making intimate connections in relationships, by helping to get in touch with their true Basic Intimacy CoverAuthentic selves

Your free gift is from my provocative series simply title INTIMACY. This basic edition gives you the 6 BEST ways you can  HAVE  a better intimate Relationship.  Plus the bonus HOW TO TANTRA. These are the fundamental laws of creating a deep and lasting connection to yourself and your partner.

This lesson on How to Have a Better Intimate Relationship is intended to give a brief groundwork of information that will help you to better understand you, your partner and each other, so that you can achieve a true intimate connection that will last for a lifetime.


In order not to run the risk of creating a manual that is simply a book of techniques on the physical mechanics of great sex, we will concentrate on the relationship of love and intimacy. We will define love and intimacy and establish the relationship of the two and how when they partnered together can create and environment that breeds a healthy emotional connection between two people.


Be Authentic

Nikeema Lee, MS

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